On May 30, 2019, an online learning platform was built for the professionals and technicians in Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture. All the courses are offered free of charge for the local professionals and technicians. In this way, CACEE makes a new attempt to assist with the poverty-alleviation effort of Nujiang.

Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture is a remote region located in the Southwest of Yunnan Province. It covers an area of 14,700 km² but only has a population of about 520,000. It is also a key area of the poverty-alleviation campaign as identified by the State Council.

In the past, most professionals and technicians in Nujiang had little training opportunities because of the traffic inconvenience and the high cost for offline training.

Based on the actual learning needs of the local professionals and technicians, CACEE works together with the Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security of Nujiang in the development of the online learning platform.

The opening of the new online learning platform has been welcomed by the professionals and technicians. One week after this platform was opened, the registered users have exceeded 10,000. At present, 58 generic courses and 105 specialized courses are offered in the platform, including agriculture, forestry, water resources, accounting, auditing, HRM, ect. In year 2019 alone, this platform is expected to save the learning cost by 1.33 million Yuan for all the professionals and technicians in Nujiang.”


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