“Battery of the Nation is about helping to secure our energy future – both here in Tasmania and on mainland Australia.

For Tasmania, it has three clear objectives – it will put our energy security beyond doubt and give Tasmanians the lowest possible power prices. But thirdly, more interconnection will unlock the island’s renewable energy potential, allowing Tasmania to invest in pumped hydro assets, further develop the state’s unmatched wind resource and make a lot more use of solar energy.

With all of these extra generation options, we’ll produce more than enough energy for ourselves and we can send the extra energy to the mainland to support their transition to renewables. The best bit is that our energy is clean, reliable and affordable so Tasmanians benefit and so does the rest of Australia.”… Steve Davy, Chief Executive, Hydro Tasmania.
— UN SD Goals: 7 “Affordable and Clean Energy”, 9 “Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure”, 13 “Climate Action”; Fundamental Human Need for “Creation”, “Protection” and “Participation”

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