This is the…” goal for a new cooperative effort on renewable energy.

DTU, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and the research institute SINTEF have signed an agreement to work together on renewable energy, including a new joint research centre on offshore wind.”

“The collaborative will work on the following issues:

• Foundations, materials and marine operations

• Network connections, system integration and energy storage

• Digitization, operation and maintenance and management system for offshore wind farms”

“Offshore wind is an important, environmentally friendly energy source. There has been a fantastic development globally in recent years,” says SINTEF’s Bech Gjørv. “At the same time, the technology is constantly evolving and continued research and innovation is crucial for us to succeed with more affordable and better solutions. When we further reinforce the connection between DTU’s significant knowledge of wind energy with our Norwegian top mission systems and support for the marine industry, we will be able to contribute significantly to achieving this in cooperation with the industry.”

— UN SD Goals: 7 “Affordable and Clean Energy”, 13 “Climate Action” and 17 “Partnerships for the Goals”; Fundamental Human Need for “Creation”, Participation and Protection.


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