The University of Florida (UF) has a sustainable materials management group in the Department of Environmental Engineering Sciences.

“A combination of field and laboratory activities focus on the applied research needs of the solid waste management community. This program focuses on reduction, resource and energy extraction, recycling and beneficial reuse, and sustainable disposal of domestic solid waste streams and industrial byproducts. Undergraduate and graduate student course topics include fundamentals of waste management, landfill design, and beneficial use of waste materials.”

Research Focus Areas:

  • Recycling of waste-to-energy ash
  • Sustainable landfill design and operation
  • Construction and demolition debris management
  • Beneficial use of waste materials
  • Sustainable materials management

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— Sustainable Engineering: “Education”, ”Research”, “Active Practice” “Circular Economy”

— UN SD Goals: 4 “Quality Education”, 9 “Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure”, 11 “Sustainable Cities and Communities”, 12 Responsible Consumption and Production”, 13 “Climate Action”;

—Fundamental Human Need for ”Protection”, “Understanding and Meaning”, “Participation” and “Creation”

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