“Battling climate change and adapting communities to be ready for its effects on the world. Ensuring food and water security for an exploding population. Navigating ever-more congested urban landscapes.

These global concerns and others have been outlined by the National Academies and other institutions as imminent threats. One discipline in particular – civil and environmental engineering – has the history and capability to address these challenges on a large scale.”
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— Sustainable Engineering: “Education”, ”Research”, “Active Practice”

— UN SD Goals: 4 “Quality Education”, 9 “Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure”, 11 “Sustainable Cities and Communities”, 13 “Climate Action” and 17 “Partnerships for the Goals”;

—Fundamental Human Need for ”Protection”, “Understanding and Meaning”, “Participation” and “Creation”


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#FHNProtection #FHNCreation #FHNUnderstandingandMeaning #FHNParticipation



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