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“If you live in Portland, Oregon, your lights are now powered in part by the water flowing through your pipes.

The city recently installed new municipal water pipes equipped with four 42-inch turbines that create electricity from the water passing through them.

Historically, hydropower has been created by damming rivers and installing turbines inside the dams, which can be damaging to fish and the river itself.

Tap-water hydropower creates virtually no effect on wildlife, as it is simply harnessing the energy of water that’s already flowing through the pipes.

“It’s pretty rare to find a new source of energy where there’s no environmental impact,” says Gregg Semler, CEO of Lucid Energy, the Portland-based startup that designed the new system.

“But this is inside a pipe, so no fish or endangered species are impacted. That’s what’s exciting.”

Another bonus about hydro-power is, unlike wind and solar, it’s always working as long as water is flowing.”

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— Sustainable Engineering: “Education”, ”Research”, “Active Practice”

— UN SD Goals: 7 “Affordable and Clean Energy”, 9 “Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure”, 11 “Sustainable Cities and Communities”, 13 “Climate Action”

—Fundamental Human Need for ”Protection”, “Participation”, and “Creation”


SDG7 #SDG9 #SDG11 #SDG13

FHNProtection #FHNCreation #FHNParticipation


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