Matt Gough’s keynote at the World Engineers Convention focused on how and why the construction industry must move to be more sustainable.

“Gough is currently the Director of Innovation at MACE, the construction company behind structures such as The Shard and the London Eye. It’s great to create projects like this and to shape city skylines, he said, but more importantly flagship projects like these not only create the vision of the industry we want but serve to create contrast when things go wrong in construction.”

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— Sustainable Engineering: ”Research”, “Active Practice”

— UN SD Goals: 9 “Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure”, 11 “Sustainable Cities and Communities” and 17 “Partnerships for the Goals”;

—Fundamental Human Need for ”Protection”, “Understanding and Meaning”, “Participation”, “Creation”

SustainableEnginActPrac #SustainableEnginResearch

SDG9 #SDG11 #SDG17

FHNProtection #FHNCreation #FHNUnderstandingandMeaning #FHNParticipation


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