Five projects will explore sustainability using the Princeton campus as a laboratory

  • Adding renewables to the electrical grid
  • Building without waste
  • Field-testing solar-powered smart windows 
  • Building better compost
  • Farming on campus lands

The five projects will be conducted with the University’s grounds as the laboratory or testbed for the exploration of technologies or practices that enhance sustainability and environmental responsibility. The campus serves as a real-world setting where ideas and theories can be tried on a relatively small scale, with the goal of scaling up successful projects beyond campus.

Princeton aims to engage the entire University community in creating a more sustainable campus and world through its new Sustainability Action Plan, announced on Earth Day, April 22. The campus as a lab projects are one aspect of this broad endeavor.

— UN SD Goals: 4 “Quality Education”, 5 “Gender Equality”, 6 “Clean Water and Sanitation”, 7 “Affordable and Clean Energy”, 9 “Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure”, 11 “Sustainable Cities and Communities”, 13 “Climate Action”, 14″ Life Below Water”, and 15 “Life on Land”.;

Fundamental Human Need for “Protection”, Understanding and Meaning”, “Participation”, “Identity”, “Subsistence” and “Creation”