Recent research into possible new and safer nuclear reactors that might help stop climate change.


“As of early 2018 there were 75 separate advanced fission projects trying to answer that question in North America alone, according to the think tank Third Way. These projects employ the same type of reaction used in the conventional nuclear reactors that have been used for decades—fission, or splitting atoms.

One of the leading technologies is the small modular reactor, or SMR: a slimmed-down version of conventional fission systems that promises to be cheaper and safer. NuScale Power, based in Portland, Oregon, has a 60-megawatt design that’s close to being deployed. (A typical high-cost conventional fission plant might produce around 1,000 MW of power.)”

— UN SD Goals: 7 “Affordable and Clean Energy”, 9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure” and 13 “Climate Action”; Fundamental Human Need for “Creation”, “Protection”

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