Some awesome points in encouraging a young woman to think about becoming an engineer.


“Instead of reciting a laundry list of challenges preventing young women from pursuing engineering, I decided to try to figure out what women who did enter engineering have in common. I reached out to a handful of other female engineers in my life whom I respect to see if I could find any similarities in our upbringing that played a key role in leading us to careers in engineering. Here are 5 commonalities I found…

  1. Expose Her to Engineers
  2. Make Math a ‘Girl’ Thing
  3. A Lack-Luster Social Life Never Hurts
  4. Teach Her to Confidently be Herself
  5. Tell Her She Can Do It” …. Engineer Lindsey McCarty

— UN SD Goal 5 “Gender Equality”; Fundamental Human Need for “Participation” and “Creation”