SDG3 - Good Health & Well-being

What is “Sustainable Engineering”

"Sustainable engineering is the process of designing or operating systems such that they use energy and resources sustainably, in other words, at a rate that does not compromise the...

Mother River Protection, China!

"We face a very grim ecological environment and suffer from serious soil erosion with an infected area of 1.794 million square kilometres, accounting for 18.7 per cent of the...

The IACEE via its 2016 PORTO DECLARATION and SERINA actively underpin these sentiments of the OECD

"Climate change is increasingly impacting on people’s lives, disrupting national economies and transforming ecosystems, including the ocean. The need for urgent, strong and co-operative action based on mutual trust...


"Engineering in context; engineering with a conscience; engineering for a finite planet and the indefinite future" -Benoit Cushman-Roisin "Sustainable engineering should be based on principles that support sustainable development…"

“How can Cities Accelerate​ Transitions to Sustainability?

"Local transition initiatives are giving rise to place-based sustainable solutions as a counter-movement to globalising uniformity. The accumulation of small actions can add up to systemic change."